Molto 10%

10%..? is our initiative to raise awareness and money to help find a cure for brain cancer.

At Molto, we have sadly been touched by the loss of very close friends to brain cancer.

They say brain cancer is a rare disease. We disagree. In 9 years we have been affected by the loss of 4 wonderful people.  All from different walks of life, different ages, different locations, but still people we cared greatly about. Did you know brain cancer causes more deaths in people under 40 than any other disease. And did you know brain cancer is responsible for more deaths in children than any other disease. So not so rare! Your purchase of 10%..? will take you on a journey of learning, it contains fun facts about your brain, your new knowledge you may like share this creates even more awareness. Now that would be awesome. Plus the proceeds from your book purchase go to brain cancer research to find that elusive cure.

10%..? – our A4 landscape 83 page Coffee Table Book – Just $49.00 includes postage