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How We Can Help You Reach More Customers

We analyze, tailor, and execute online marketing plans to suit your business marketing goals. We help to improve online marketing communications. Active Digital Marketing is your creative marketing and design team. We guide & grow your online presence build & manage your websites, maintain your social media, measure your results using advanced optimization and analytics.

Photography and Video

Photography & Video

We provide commercial and private photography sessions with video ads, animated clips and creative video with relevant content that advertises your business, we also create short Movies, feature films & music videos


Online reputation management, or ORM, is a service that works to ensure that the online information about your business is as positive as possible, with minimal attention directed to negative commentary.


We provide services for growing your YouTube channel with your Social media channel naturally and get noticed by the targeted audience.

Social media

Leveraging the power of social media platforms and content marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. However, getting started could be the biggest challenge for your business especially if you are currently struggling to have a social media presence.

Creative Content

Creating the right content will attract customers and help you reach a more targeted audience this makes a difference when it comes to winning and losing sales. Knowing how to define and promote your product is key to increasing potential sales. Scriptwriting, blogging, writing descriptions, creating pictures and videos, is something you will need to succeed.


Measure and report, refine, and adjust. Knowing how your campaign is reflecting on your target audience is invaluable. Active Digital Marketing tracks and measures every stage of your digital marketing strategy. Armed with this powerful information we can generate accurate knowledge of the interest and interaction of your on-line marketing for products & services.

Website Management

In a technological world, any organization should strive for a strong online presence. If you are a start-up or have a current system in place, are you getting the most from this powerful resource? Active Digital Marketing can build your strategy with creative planning and cutting edge design to custom build your brand and identity.

Facebook & Google

Strategic marketing is a dynamic process in which Active Digital Marketing carefully constructs sustainable action plans for an organization. Distinct communication channels run parallel to marketing proposals, which allows for successful execution.

Graphic Design

Our team can assist you to design your logo & styles according to your branding requirements.